Is this Your Child?

Peaceful child

At one with Nature: Photo credit: 藍川芥 aikawake / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

You have noticed that your child thinks about and experiences things very deeply. They ask lots of questions, sometimes very tricky! They are incredibly perceptive about things that others may miss. They have a fantastic imagination and can be very creative. They are like an emotional ‘sponge’ soaking up the mood of a room, sensitive to other peoples feelings, and can show great compassion beyond their years, often caring really deeply about nature or animals, or they get really upset if they see something unfair happen (even if it’s not to them).

You’ve also noticed that at times they seem to find life and school a little more overwhelming than their friends do. Or you sometimes find yourself bemused by their very intense reactions to things, like the wobbly lip and welling up eyes if they even think they might be getting told off; or the seeming ‘over’ reaction to grazing their knee, or losing their first tooth. You may be baffled and even embarrassed by the sudden, seemingly random meltdowns in the middle of the party/supermarket/swimming pool/park when they’d been having such a good time.

You may also have found yourself enormously frustrated at their extreme reluctance to speak to their granny, or their resolute refusal to put their shoes on in the morning because the seams in their socks are bothering them….[Does Your Child Have Gremlins in their Socks?]

At these times, it can be upsetting, embarrassing, frustrating, irritating and utterly overwhelming, and as a parent you can feel at a total loss to know what to do next, and this can lead to you feeling frazzled, inadequate, and like a terrible parent.

We know that dealing with Highly Sensitive Children can be extremely rewarding and frustrating in equal measure, and we know how difficult it can be, we’ve been there!

We would love to make the world a better place for all HSCs, and their parents, by providing support to anyone caring for Highly Sensitive Children, helping them to create the right environments to enable all our HSCs to thrive. [How We Can Help]

If this sounds familiar and you would like a better understanding of the trait and what it means (the good as well as the more challenging aspects) and/or if you think you would like some support and guidance to help you help your child at home, at school, with clubs or with the wider family, then please get in touch we’d love to hear from you. [Get In Touch]


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