Photo credit: bandita / / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: bandita / / CC BY-SA

An Introduction to Your Highly Sensitive Child Workshop, where we cover:

  • What is High Sensitivity?
  • How do I know if my child/a child I care for/teach is Highly Sensitive?
  • How will being Highly Sensitive make a difference to my child?
  • What are some of the things I can do as a parent/carer of a HSC to help them?
  • Tips on how you can cope yourself as a parent/carer of a HSC

Price: £25.00 per head, & includes our ‘Guide to the Highly Sensitive Child’

If you’d like to arrange an Introductory Workshop for a group, please email us:


Some Feedback from attendees of An Introduction to Your Highly Sensitive Child Workshop:

(comments are anonymous to respect privacy)

‘It was a really emotional experience hearing stories from mothers with children like mine. I had felt very alone…with everyone thinking there’s something wrong with your son, and me being really defensive but also knowing that something was different. I feel such relief now knowing I can investigate this further’.

‘Thank you both – a very good evening’!

‘Good analogies and stories to illustrate the trait and ways to parent’.

‘HSP awareness should extend to all schools’!

‘I liked the stories, examples and the flipcharts…the guided points and advice that we could take away and start using with our children’.


These are some other Workshops we can run for groups of interested Parents/Carers & Teachers. We are happy to run a Workshop for a minimum of 8 people at £25.00 per head at a venue provided by you.

  • How to Prevent & Effectively Deal with Overwhelm in your HSC
  • How to Build Self-Esteem & Reduce Shame in your HSC
  • Gentle Ways to Discipline your HSC – that Work!
  • How to talk about High Sensitivity with your Child & the People Around Them
  • Supporting your HSC with Transitions at School
  • Extreme Self-Care for the Highly Sensitive Parent
  • Managing Emotions Mindfully for You & Your HSC

For further information or to arrange one of the Workshops, please email us on:


You can pay for Workshops via Paypal!

If you make your payment via Paypal, please let us know which Workshop you’d like to come along to by emailing us.

(If you’re booking onto the Introductory Workshop hosted by Yellow Dot Nurseries, please put ‘Yellow Dot’ as a reference & note that the price for this particular Workshop is £16.00 per head).

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