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A little bit about us and how we came to be here…

Hello, we are Nicole Gabriel and Nina Capaccio, two Mums to Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs) who happen to be Highly Sensitive ourselves. Our journey into High Sensitivity began after many shared conversations about the more challenging aspects of our lovely children. After reading Elaine Aron’s books, we finally understood why our children behaved the way they did, and more interestingly, why we responded the way we did.

Having both come from a background of Psychology, the realisation that all the overwhelm and tantrums we seemed to be experiencing in our lives (and that wasn’t just the children!) was down to a natural, inherited trait, was a real revelation. Once we discovered the trait and learnt more about it, we found it astounding that even though it affects 15-20% of the population and was discovered in the 1970s, not many people seem to know about it!

Our aim is to promote an understanding and acceptance of High Sensitivity as a normal trait, and to help all people involved with HSCs help them develop and thrive in the best possible environments.


Nina Capaccio

I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and mother to two daughters, one of whom is also Highly Sensitive. In true HSP style, I care deeply about things and get to express my care through my family and while coaching my clients. I enjoy being creative and find the greatest peace through being in nature.

Contact me on:nina@naturallyhsp.co.uk

Nicole Gabriel

Nicole Gabriel

On reading “The highly Sensitive Child” by Elaine Aron I realised that not only was my son Highly Sensitive, but so too was I. Like many Highly Sensitive people I think deeply about things and reflect, a lot. I relish time spent in nature, especially by the sea or up a mountain. I love beach-combing to find things to make something with, and immersing myself in a great book to feed my imagination.

Contact Nicole on: nicole@naturallyhsp.co.uk

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