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All Quiet on the Naturally HSP Front..

Some of you may be wondering why there haven’t been any posts from NaturallyHSP for a few months… To those who’ve subscribed to our blogs, I want to say a big Thank You for your interest and support. Recognising our Highly Sensitive Children and providing the ‘good enough’ childhoods so… Read more »

Are our Schools Greenhouses or Danger-Zones for our Highly Sensitive Children?

Highly Sensitive Children & Differential Susceptibility Anyone who is highly sensitive, or who has a Highly Sensitive Child, will doubtless¬†recognise the impact of environment and experiences on the Highly Sensitive individual, in a way that does not seem to be the case for non-highly sensitive people. The theory of “differential-susceptibility”… Read more »

How to Stop Nagging and Still Get to School on Time!

My New Year’s Resolution – Create a Nag-Free Zone This year I have broken my rule of never making New Years’ Resolutions (because I am never committed enough to them to keep them), and I have actually made quite a few! One of them is to find a way of… Read more »

Why being Highly Sensitive is the best gift at Christmas

Being Highly Sensitive is the Best Gift Photo credit: Javcon117* via / CC BY-SA When I think of Christmas and my Highly Sensitive Child I find I often end up focusing on the challenges it can present: the bustle, noise and bright lights, the endless events and socialising, the… Read more »

Dealing with Goodbyes – The HSC Way

This weekend we said our goodbyes to a dear old cat who has been a member of our family since many years before our son was born, and so she has always been a presence¬†in his life. It got me thinking about loss. Loss is something that we all experience… Read more »