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Next Time You’re Wondering How Being Highly Sensitive is a Good thing, Read This…

It’s a Wonderful Time of Year! I am looking out at my garden with the feeling that Spring is most definitely in the air. The flowers are appearing everywhere, there are buds on the trees, tiny lambs and goats are jumping around in the fields, the sun is out, there is a… Read more »

The Importance of having a Support Network

Photo credit: qthomasbower via / CC BY

I’m sitting here today writing this blog on my husband’s laptop, slowly getting used to the way the keys feel. In the background my usual laptop is humming away, busily trying to recover all my folders and all of my work that’s been lost in an upgrade. Backups! I hear… Read more »

Are our Schools Greenhouses or Danger-Zones for our Highly Sensitive Children?

Highly Sensitive Children & Differential Susceptibility Anyone who is highly sensitive, or who has a Highly Sensitive Child, will doubtless recognise the impact of environment and experiences on the Highly Sensitive individual, in a way that does not seem to be the case for non-highly sensitive people. The theory of “differential-susceptibility”… Read more »