Monthly Archives: February 2016

Does my child have Sensory Processing Disorder or are they just Highly Sensitive?

Whether a child is Highly Sensitive or has Sensory Processing Disorder is a question that comes up frequently and confounds many. There can be similarities in the way a Highly Sensitive Child and one with Sensory Processing Disorder responds to sensory stimulation which explains the confusion. There is an important… Read more »

Compassion: The Heart of Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child?

As Valentine’s Day approaches and our thoughts are directed to the topic of love, I feel it is a great time to remind ourselves about how important it is that we not only tell our Highly Sensitive Children how much we care for and love them, but that we demonstrate… Read more »

School Drop Offs & the Highly Sensitive Child

We had a very emotional school drop-off with our Highly Sensitive (HS) daughter this morning. For once, I managed to stay calm throughout – wonders never cease! I stayed calm all the way through from my husband walking into the bathroom imploring me to take over and help our daughter… Read more »