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The No.1 Lesson I have learnt about being a Highly Sensitive Parent (that I wish I’d known 10 years ago!)

Photo credit: VinothChandar via / CC BY When I became a parent I didn’t know about the trait of High Sensitivity. I certainly didn’t know that I was a Highly Sensitive Person. But I wish that I had known because it would have changed my experience as a parent…. Read more »

The Best Way to Instil Self-Esteem in your Highly Sensitive Child? – Active Listening

Listening to someone, really listening, where you let them finish speaking before saying anything,  where you accept their perspective without judgement and truly take the time to appreciate their situation, is rare. It’s rare amongst conversations between grown-ups, let alone between parents and their children! To be truly listened to… Read more »

How to Stop Nagging and Still Get to School on Time!

My New Year’s Resolution – Create a Nag-Free Zone This year I have broken my rule of never making New Years’ Resolutions (because I am never committed enough to them to keep them), and I have actually made quite a few! One of them is to find a way of… Read more »

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back – dealing with stress as an HSP

Photo credit: BrittneyBush via / CC BY-NC-ND

I’m guessing that many of you may be breathing a big sigh of relief as the children go back to school after the busy Christmas holidays.The frenetic activity probably continues after school drop-off, with your ‘To Do’ lists growing longer by the minute: ‘Mop floors, clean bathroom, tackle laundry mountain,… Read more »