Monthly Archives: October 2015

Forgiving and the Highly Sensitive Child

Throughout my life, I’ve heard the familiar well-meaning advice: ‘just ignore them’, ‘let it go’ and ‘don’t take things so seriously’…Yes, but HOW?? Being Highly Sensitive predisposes you to feel things deeply – a real gift when you’re experiencing positive emotions, but not so much when they’re negative. This is… Read more »

The No.1 Reason Why HSCs Find Making Decisions Hard (and why that’s a good thing!)

HSCs Can Really Take Their Time When Making Decisions… “You have probably noticed that trying to get a HSC to decide something quickly is like trying to walk a male dog quickly past fire hydrants” (Elaine Aron )   If you have a HSC this is likely to be an… Read more »

Do you have a Highly Sensitive Child in your Classroom?

Given the statistic that 15-20% of the population are Highly Sensitive, you are almost certainly teaching a few Highly Sensitive Children in your classroom. Why it’s important to recognise the Highly Sensitive Child You may ask yourself why it’s so important to identify which children are Highly Sensitive. After all,… Read more »