Monthly Archives: September 2015

Top Tips for the Highly Sensitive Parent of a Highly Sensitive Child…

Those of us that have Highly Sensitive Children already know what a rollercoaster ride it can be parenting them on a daily basis – really rewarding when they are happy, but oh so challenging when they’re overstimulated or overtired. Throw into the mix a Highly Sensitive Parent having to cope… Read more »

Dealing with Goodbyes – The HSC Way

This weekend we said our goodbyes to a dear old cat who has been a member of our family since many years before our son was born, and so she has always been a presence in his life. It got me thinking about loss. Loss is something that we all experience… Read more »

It’s OK to be Highly Sensitive!

Someone said to me recently that parents of Highly Sensitive Children may be reluctant to have their child labelled as ‘Highly Sensitive’, due to the stigma attached to the word ‘sensitive’…           The sensitive-reactive side of me was immediately indignant – ‘REALLY???!!!’ I thought. And I think I went into a… Read more »

Top 3 Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Nita J Y / Foter / CC BY-SA As the first day back to school after the long summer holiday looms in our house we are once again facing the logistics of what for us always seems to be a drama. It seems that at the end of every school… Read more »