Have you been given an extra credit assignment?

Helpful Big Sister

Helpful Big Sister

I read somewhere that having a Highly Sensitive Child should be viewed as being given an ‘extra¬† credit assignment’. What a wonderful way to look at it! I’m only sorry that I can’t find the origin to credit the author. (For those of you that haven’t watched as much American T.V. as I have, the equivalent would be getting extra homework to help you boost your grades).

The challenges that can arise from raising an HSC may feel all consuming at times, but it’s precisely because of this that we need to remind ourselves of their many positive aspects.

Being empathic, Highly Sensitive Children are usually very loving and kind (when not overwhelmed). After a tantrum the other week, my 7 year old highly sensitive daughter offered to put herself and her little sister to bed as she knew I was really tired. She gave them both a bath, brushed their teeth and hair, read a bedtime story, and then came downstairs to say they were ready for me to say goodnight to them. I was so proud of her maturity and she loved showing us how responsible she could be. Definitely a win-win situation, and it made it so much easier to forget the earlier tantrum!

There are so many positive gifts that highly sensitive children have, the key ones being extreme creativity, conscientiousness, intuitiveness, compassion and intelligence.

If you have a Highly Sensitive Child and sometimes find yourself asking ‘Why Me?’, have a go at taking a deep breath and reminding yourself of something exceptional they have done. It may help to put up their artwork or stories as a visual reminder, or try and capture moments of joy through photos that you can display.

It’s motivating and even a little humbling for me to think that by taking extra care in our parenting, we can help our Highly Sensitive kids develop their enormous talents. Who knows, they may even follow in the footsteps of other gifted people thought to be Highly Sensitive, such as Carl Jung, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Picasso….

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Photo credit: shingleback / Foter / CC BY-SA

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